What can I do to improve my project's rating?

Before anything else, make sure you take care of your field's activity with the best possible care and maintenance for the trees.

Then, just communicate often about what you do on the field, through the Update Section. Your activities may be routine for you, yet they are interesting and important for your followers. Even routine creates trust.

Be honest and describe the situation as it is. People will reward your honesty with a good rating, even if your project suffers from some problems.

Make sure you answer all the questions your followers ask you.

Finally, don’t forget to invite people to review your project: your friends who trust you and know your passion for tree planting, people who already visited your plantation, companies you work with, and with whom you developed a stable relationship. 

If you think you’re missing something, contact us and we will review your project together and help you as much as we can.