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  3. Create my Reforestation Project on Tree-Nation

Getting started with my project on Tree-Nation

We divided the most relevant information about your reforestation project into sections. This way, your followers will be able to quickly access your project’s details and keep track of its evolution.

Your project is composed of various sections that we detail below. You can start filling in the information on your project by following the links in each section:

  • About section: This section provides an overview of your project. This is the main link to describe what your project is about. It includes Key Elements, the Planting Team and Project Descriptions.
  • Species section: This section will display all the species that you are planning to plant, the benefits of each species and their price. It will also show your stock of trees available for funding for each species.
  • Planting sites section:  The planting sites section displays each plantation field where the trees are physically planted. In addition to planting site location, this section also displays a record of your planting activities in each location. This section is essential to calculate the stock of species available for funding.
  • Updates section:  This will be your main communication channel to give news about your project.
  • Questions section: This section allows you to directly interact with users and answer their questions and inquiries about your project. You can also use this section to ask the managers of other projects for advice. 
  • Reviews section:  This section lets your followers know that your project is running well and that people are supporting and backing your activities.
  • Dashboard section:  The dashboard section is an overview that allows you to know everything that’s happening with your project, all on the same page.
  • Trees section: The tree section allows you to check all the trees planted in your project. You can see who planted it, and you will be able to leave a thank you comment on their tree.

Start filling in the content of your project in the first section: About section.