Questions section

This page will help you complete your questions section.

Trust & Transparency
As a project holder, this section allows you to directly interact with users and answer their questions and inquiries regarding your project.

More significantly, this is a great way to increase transparency about your activities and increase trust towards your project. Remember that users donate to projects that they perceive to be trustworthy!

Interacting with other Project Managers

Additionally, if you require any kind of assistance, you can use this section to ask managers of other projects for advice. Tree-Nation embeds a great network of tree-planting experts, so feel free to ask the other projects about their methods, techniques and activities. You are also encouraged to share your experience with others. Managing a successful project involves a lot of learning, therefore, it’s important to develop better practices.

How to follow up on this section?

You will be notified when somebody asks you a question on your project’s dashboard. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check it often to see if you have any pending questions.