Reviews section

This section lets your followers know that your project is running well and that people are supporting your activities.

Getting reviews
As a project holder, you have the task to get enough people to support your project. This is a great way to build trust around your project and let people know about the quality and reliability of your activity.

Once you have completed this stage, your project will regularly appear in our Plantation Newsletters, which are sent to all our Tree-Nation citizens. This way more people will get to know your project.

Types of reviews

We have divided the reviews into four different categories:

Expert Reviews: This type of review can be written by professionals, people with expertise in a field related to your project (forestry, NGO management, etc.), or individuals with a relevant set of skills.

Company Reviews: These can be written by organizations, institutions, agencies and private companies that have worked with you and are aware of your dedication and professionalism.

Visitor Reviews: These meant for people who have visited your plantation. This category allows users to upload pictures they took while visiting your project, so encourage them to share their memories!

Citizen Reviews: This type of review is meant to be written by Tree-Nation users. This can be anybody who isn’t part of the previous categories. The users (or citizens) will base their ratings on the content that you provide, notably on your Updates and how regularly you communicate with your followers. These are the people funding your trees!


Reviews are based on a 5-star rating system. This is a key piece of information as it informs users about the quality of your project.

Your objective is to get a good rating from users, companies, experts and visitors. You need to reach at least 4 stars for your project to be eligible as an affiliated project. Be aware that if your rating drops significantly you can lose this eligibility.

Now invite your contacts

Tree-Nation ‘Citizens’ tend to follow and fund projects with more reviews!

So, it is important to kick-start your review sections with great and positive reviews. For this, invite your contacts to write a review of your project. First, invite the ones who have been in contact with your project but also don’t hesitate to invite friends that can testify to your integrity and dedication.

We also suggest you indicate your contacts in which category (Expert, Company, Visitor, Citizen) to post their reviews. Don’t forget to invite them to add photos if they have visited your project.

* Please note that the button will not be active for your own profile as you can’t review yourself.

For more information, please read: How to Leave a Project review 
You can  forward this link to relevant contacts in order for them to leave reviews on your project.

Number of reviews

In terms of project reviews, we require that each project provides us with regular reviews from forestry experts, visitors and sponsors. 

Depending on the category of your project, Tree-Nation will have certain expectations regarding the number of project reviews. These reviews will gradually increase as your project progresses through the different categories in Tree-Nation. 

Note: The more reviews your project has, the better. By receiving more reviews, you can build trust with sponsors for your project, which can result in more funding opportunities.