Planting Sites Section

This article will help you complete your planting sites section

This section has 3 essential purposes:
  • Location: This function lets your followers discover satellite views of the exact terrains where the trees are planted.
  • Status of your planting activities: This will inform your followers when and where the trees are planted.
  • Statistics: These are reflected in your project's planting counters that appear in many sections.

Instructions - How to add a Plantation Site
To start, please share the information about your planting sites with your project manager. 

We will be requesting you the following information about each planting site:

  • Name of the planting site
  • Picture (please make sure the picture is appealing, high quality, and makes sense in relation to the planting area)
  • Polygon of the area (it can be shared in a kml/kmz file, a screenshot of a map, or geographic coordinates) 
  • Description (a brief description that includes planting site characteristics, the reason for planting (e.g. wildfire recovery), state of the planting site, tree density for this planting site, and size of the planting site in hectares)

Also, we will ask you a few details about the planting sites: 

  • Address (address of the planting site) 
  • Nursery on site (inform if there is a nursery on the planting site or not)
  • Irrigation System (inform if there is an irrigation system on the planting site or not)
  • Type of planting system (method or approach adopted to plant trees, this system dictates how the plants are arranged, spaced, and cultivated in the particular area)


Please do NOT record any planting action in the planting sites. Do not record trees as expected or planted. This will be done by our team after the Validation Process. 

Lastly, if you manage a large number of plantation sites, please contact us for advice.

Note: The Planting Sites section is a precise instrument; it counts trees on a species-by-species basis, timing and locations. By providing detailed information, you are boosting your follower’s confidence and encouraging them to plant more trees!