Species section

This section will display all the species that you are planning to plant.

The species section lets your followers:

  • Know which species you plant in your project.
  • Learn the benefits and particularities of each species.
  • Decide which species they want to plant/offer.

In Tree-Nation, users don't just fund 'trees' but fund specific species. Therefore, you have to build your species list.

Which species should you include?

All species you expect to plant in your project. This will provide a great overview of your project.

You can manage your species' stock

You may stop planting a specific species, for good or just for one season. Also, you may have limited planting capacity for some species. For those reasons, Tree-Nation lets you manage the stock of each species that you intend to plant.

You are able to inform your followers about how many trees of each species are available to be planted, and therefore, to be funded.

Additionally, your stock is automatically linked with our purchasing module so you don't have to worry about managing it. For example: if you plant 500 Acacia Mangium this year and 5 users buy 100 trees each, then this species will automatically stop being available for purchase until you decide to add more stock.

Every time you add a new species, a 'No Stock' message will appear. Stock for each species is determined in the Planting Sites section.

Instructions - How to add a species

To start, make sure you are logged in.

Click on the gray 'Add new species' button.

Fill in the species form. Please note some fields have a small '?' button, click on it to get instructions related to how to fill in this field. All the fields marked with '*' are mandatory.

You don't have to fill all fields at once, just hit 'Save' and edit later on. In this case, the message 'Incomplete' will appear in the species box to remind you to complete the form.

Incomplete species are not visible to users and therefore can't be funded. If you don't know anything about the required information of your species you can leave that field blank.

*Attention to the field "What the planter likes about it "
It's really important that the tree species you've selected for your project are native to the area you're planting in. If there are any non-native (exotic) species included, we'd like to understand the reasons behind this choice and the advantages they can provide to your project.
You can add this explanation directly here or, if you prefer, send it to your project manager via email. As a planter, we're interested in hearing about your personal affection for these species. Speak to us in a casual and friendly tone - why did you choose these particular species for your project? What key benefits do they bring to the table? We're excited to hear your thoughts!

Species Price 

Prices are defined for each species.  

You are free to decide which price you want to set for your trees, however, the final approval on the price will be made by Tree-Nation.