Prix - Planter et Offrir des arbres

Planting & Offering trees is a great solution for companies. If your company doesn't know how to select the species or a project, we can guide you through every step of the planting process. Take a look at our plans:

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  • 10/10               1.00€ /tree
    10 species planted in 10 projects

Tree-Nation selects a mix of 10 species in 10 projects. By taking care of the species for you, we are able to offer you a fixed price per tree together with a large selection of projects.

Planting locations: Madagascar, Nicaragua, Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Colombia, Thailand.


  • 10/10+                  2.00€ /tree
    Same concept with more planting locations

Planting locations: All above countries + Brazil, Spain, France, USA


  • Custom         your price/tree
    A custom mix of species that will match your budget

Thanks to our large offer of species, ranging from rare endangered species to low-cost reforestation, we can offer you a mix of species that will match your price requirements.


  • By location     see the price online

Pick the project of your choice 

Visit our projects list here to select the project that best matches your requirements. Prices are the ones visible online.


Learn more on how we do our "Mix" selection.