Les règles du #TreeChallenge

Cet article sera bientôt traduit en Français. Veuillez nous excuser pour ce désagrément.

Every two weeks we publish a Tree Challenge in our forum with a specific topic. The challenge consists of planting trees with a picture related to the topic of the week and 2 hashtags in the tree message: the #TreeChallenge one and the hashtag of the week.

The rules to play are the following:

  • Each challenge will last for two weeks.
  • After the challenge deadline, 5 winners will be selected and their owners will receive 25 free trees each. The results will then be announced and the prizes distributed on the day after the deadline.
  • Out of the 5 winners, 1 will be selected for the beauty of its image and message matching the topic of the week, while the rest will be picked randomly.
  • In a pack of trees, each tree counts as one participating ticket, which means that if you plant a pack of 5 trees, you have 5 chances to win!

Which trees can participate in the challenge:

Not all trees will be taken into account. Please make sure your trees comply with the following criteria:

  • Trees planted during the challenge period
  • Trees that include both hashtags
  • No trees earned from the Seeds game. Unlike in our very first challenge, you can’t use trees earned from the seeds game to participate.
  • No gifted trees. A tree you send as a gift or a tree offered to you will not be included in the challenge

Remember this is a game, keep it fun and let’s plant many trees!