The benefits of adding your project to the Tree-Nation platform

Tree-Nation helps planting projects to get funds and build their network of followers.

This section is reserved for reforestation project owners. If this is not your case, visit our company or citizen sites.

Our job is to make your job easier

Getting funds is one of the main obstacles a reforestation project has to face. It is a tough and time-consuming job. Our aim at Tree-Nation is to make your job easier by providing you the tools to get funds, build your network of followers and let the world know about your project. 

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Raising funds

The Tree-Nation platform is meant to help you raise funds for your reforestation or conservation project. We do all the funding work for you by matching your projects with sponsors, both corporates and individuals. At Tree-Nation we have developed advanced software-oriented solutions for our sponsors so that we can provide recurrent funds to projects at a constant pace.
We work with a commission system based on the funds we collect. No fixed fees are requested from reforestation holders. 

Managing multiple projects

If you plant in various countries you should open a project per country. Also, if you have various projects in the same country but they are quite different from one another (different managing teams, different planting methods, different purposes, different regions…) you can open a project for each, then you can raise funds for different projects.

Planning to start a project? Join us

If you are planning to start a project but have not started yet, you can create a project page and take advantage to meet with other planters and professionals and get tips and help. If you have questions or you need help, just ask for it. Inside our network, you will find many people ready to help. We hope our platform will be a useful tool for future project holders to make their projects a reality.

Let's start!