Net Zero Product Advanced Customization

Our Premium plan allows you to further customize your plugin

1 tree per order

(for Premium plans only)

By default, this integration will allow you to plant a tree each time a customer buys a product. 1 tree will be planted for each product purchase. For example, if a user makes 1 purchase which includes 2 x Product A and 3 x Product B, this user will receive an email with his 5 trees offered by your brand.

You can decide to limit the system to 1 tree per order instead of 1 tree per product. In this case, a purchase of 5 products will only generate 1 tree.

Product restrictions 

(for Premium plans only)

If you want only some specific products to trigger a tree, please send us the list of the IDs of these products.

Minimum amount spent per order

(for Premium plans only)

You can limit the system to 1 (or X) trees planted every time a minimum amount spent per order is reached. With this option, an order below the chosen amount would not trigger any tree.

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