Can I pay via a bank transfer or Paypal?

Yes, it is possible to pay by Paypal or by bank transfer. Please read the instructions below for both options.

Pay via Paypal

Please note the minimum PayPal credit amount is 25 €.

Step 1 - Go to your Paypal account.

Step 2 - Click on 'tools', then 'send money'.

Step 3 - In 'send payment to', insert Tree-Nation's Paypal account email:


Step 4 - Input the value of the amount you want to credit your account with.

Paypal money

Step 5 - If your Paypal email is different from your Tree-Nation login email, add your Tree-Nation login email to the 'notes' field so we know which account we need to credit.


Step 6 - Validate. We will soon receive a notification and credit your account. You will then receive a confirmation email when your account is credited.

Pay via Bank transfer

Please note the minimum bank transfer credit amount is 100 €.


IBAN: BE52 5230 8138 6109


BANK: Triodos Bank nv - BELGIUM

Step 1 - Make your transfer and include your user ID in the note section like this: 'User ID XXXXXXX'

Step 2 - Please note it may take 1 week before your transfer is effective and we add your credits to your account. You will then be notified by email.

Step 3- If you don't receive your credits after a week, please contact us on the chat and let us know. We will need to know the amount you sent, your name, and your email to trace your transfer and credit your account.

What happens when your account is credited?

You will be notified by email that your account is credited. Once your account is credited you will be able to start planting trees without requiring your credit card. You will not be required to plant all your trees immediately and you will be able to keep planting until your tree credits run out.