Become an Ambassador

If you want to do even more for our planet, fill out the form below and become a Tree-Nation Ambassador.

The best way to get started on Tree-Nation is to create your forest (register) and start planting trees. You can check all the ways you can participate in our Plant & Offset section. Our Seeds Game is also a fun way to participate daily by planting more trees at no cost. But there is more you can do than just sponsoring trees and offsetting your CO2: you can become our Ambassador. 

The Program

The Ambassador program will provide you with tips and options to spread the word about our mission and bring more climate fighters into our cause. At the same time, this program is meant to work both ways: it will give you an opportunity to also bring your ideas into Tree-Nation. In other words, our Ambassador program is a way to get closer to our team, exchange ideas and solutions, and help Tree-Nation grow in order to keep planting more and more trees on our beautiful planet. We look forward to having you onboard!

Getting started

To get started, our Ambassadors will receive a fixed number of trees funded by us for them to plant in the name of their friends, clients, or colleagues in order to introduce them to the mission of reforesting the world to fight climate change.

Make sure to send all the trees to people you know who have not yet heard about Tree-Nation but that would be willing to do more to have a positive impact in the world.