Getting started - Best practices for your communication

Here are our recommendations to integrate your sponsorship with Tree-Nation with your communication efforts.

As a Tree-Nation sponsor, we encourage you to communicate on your planting engagement, since you will positively influence your clients and inspire them to take part in the reforestation of our planet. Learn how to do this here!

We have structured our tips into building blocks, allowing you to use either one or many of them at the same time:

1. Your personalized forest in Tree-Nation

As soon as you register on Tree-Nation, you will unlock your Company Forest. Your forest is the easiest way to show your commitment to your audience.

2. Offer your trees to your customers

Trees make ideal gifts for your customers and employees. Discover what is a Tree-Gift in Tree-Nation and how to offer a tree!

3. Define a Planting Habit

A Planting Habit is the reason why you plant a tree. We encourage you to link your trees to your products or services, or to an identifiable trigger (for example filling a form). This will allow you to have a commitment that is easy to understand and easy to communicate. It will become part of your brand signature and values. Check our Tips for adopting new Planting Habits

4. Display your commitment in a header, footer, and/or on your main pages

Check all the options to display your commitment on your website below:

This display can also include a 'Learn more' link that leads to the full page on your trees. (See next section).

*Special for our Net Zero Product users

We invite you to discover the communication assets especially related to this service.

Learn more about communication elements for Net Zero Product to make your campaign a success.

5. Create your forest page within your website

Once you have decided on your tree-planting commitment, we recommend you to create one webpage within your website that you can name 'Our (BRAND-NAME) forest'. See our article Create your forest page within your website.

6. Use our Marketing Material

Check our Marketing material for your communication section to find beautiful photos, videos, our logo, and other marketing material. Go to our Content material.

7. Communicate on Social Media

See our article Communicate on Social Media.

8. Do a Press Release

You can publish a press release about your sponsorship with Tree-Nation. Please make sure to visit our Press Room to find all the content you need. Let us know if you need any help with the process.

9. Then become an Ambassador!

You can then find more tips, content, and widgets in our Ambassadors section.