BigCommerce integration manual

This integration will allow you to offer a tree each time a customer buys a product. Completing this integration will take you less than 5 minutes. Once completed, the system will be 100% automated.

Step 1: Add a Tree-Nation app to your BigCommerce account


Create a Tree-Nation API

Go to : Sidebar

- Advanced Settings

- API Accounts

- Create API Account

Name it: Tree-nation

Please copy the API Path:

Activate the scope 'Orders' with permission 'read-only'

Once created, note the Client ID and Access Token codes. They can not be consulted later, so you must write them down now (the system allows you to save a file with these data, it is recommended that you save it):

Please copy-paste and send us those 3 pieces of information by email:

Send the email to

Email subject: BigCommerce


      • Your company name
      • Paste your API Path, Client ID, and Access Token
      • Let us know in case you want to limit to 1 tree per order (instead of 1 tree per product)

Step 2: Tree-Nation will prepare your account for BigCommerce integration

As soon as we receive your email we will prepare your account.

Step 3: Now, make a test!

Quickly make a purchase of a product in your shop to make sure you receive your tree!

Important: When making your test, do not use the same email you use in your Tree-Nation account. Otherwise, our system will detect that you are the tree sender as well as the tree recipient and no gift email will be sent. Use any other email and it will work.

Option - Customization

Please click here to make any customization changes.

Tools for your website and communication

Please click here to access tools for communicating about our partnership.