Case study Net Zero Product

Here are some examples of companies planting and gifting a tree for each product sold and using Tree-Nation Net Zero Product service.

The Zoofamily

The Zoofamily creates amazing and fun eco-friendly cameras for children! They plant a tree for every camera.
Their 1 product 1 tree commitment can be fully automated thanks to the Net Zero Product service and each customers receives their tree in an email right after the purchase.

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Fatstick Boards

Fatstick Boards is a British brand providing top quality stand up paddleboards and surfboards.

They plant and gift a tree for every board sold on their website. They are the representatives of a new group of eco-conscious sports brands.

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Subtle Shoes

Subtle Shoes is a French fashion brand creating luxury, trendy and eco-friendly sneakers.

Their PETA approved vegan shoes are a brilliant example of slow fashion. By offering trees for each pair of shoes purchased on their site, they foster the loyalty of their customers while offsetting the carbon footprint of their products.

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Walkolution is a German company that offers innovative solutions to integrate movement into everyday office life. In September 2020, they launched an ambitious campaign to plant 1 million trees.

To achieve its goal, Walkolution has several commitments:
- 1 tree planted for each subscriber to their newsletter.
- 1 tree planted for every 10,000 steps.
- 10 trees planted for each product sold.

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