How to offer trees for Christmas

Replace greeting cards or gifts with trees!

Stop plastic and paper-based gifts that damage the environment and gift trees for Christmas to your beloved ones!

How can I offer a tree for Christmas? 

It's very simple to offer a tree! Just make sure you are logged into our platform before you start offering the trees. If you wish to offer trees to several people, create a table with the name and email of each person you want to send a Tree-Gift to.

Now let's get started!
Click on Plant & Offset and then on Offer trees.

2. Select the project you would like to plant your trees in.

3. Choose the species you would like to plant.

4. Choose the number of trees you will send to each one of your recipients. 

5. Select an image for your tree.

Tip: We offer beautiful Christmas-themed images that you can select to decorate your tree with a more joyful look.

6. Write a personalized message under the tree.

Tip: You can keep it simple with a holiday message like "Merry Christmas" or write something unique dedicating your tree to that special person.

7. After that, if you are going to send the tree to a few people, you can enter their names and emails one by one. But if you are going to send it to a group, click on "offer to a large group" and copy-paste the table data we mentioned before.

8. Confirm the information and you will be redirected to the payment page.

That's it.

If you would like more detailed information on how to offer trees, take a look at the following video for a step-by-step tutorial: