My first steps on Tree-Nation

Discover how you can get involved as a citizen and join our mission to reforest the world!

This article explains how to get started as an individual citizen. If you are looking to onboard your company, please visit the company version of this article.

Step 1

The first step is to create your forest account. Register here to create your own forest.

Step 2

Once your forest is created, you can find the right service for you in our Planting page.

Your options are:

  • Plant trees
    Plant trees at your pace.
  • Offer trees
    Offer trees to friends one time, or at a specific schedule.
  • Net Zero Citizen
    Take a monthly plan to offset all your CO2 emissions and plant trees at the same time.

If you plan to plant trees regularly, we advise you to credit your account first. This way you won’t need to use your credit card each time. Check here how to credit your account.

Step 3

Discover all our tools to start growing your forest.

Step 4 

If you want to get involved further, we invite you to check out our Ambassadors section