How many and which type of trees are planted with the Net Zero Website label?

The Net Zero Website smart label automatically plants a new tree every 25,000 views approximately.

As soon as you install the Net Zero Website smart label in the footer of your website, we will plant a tree. It will then start calculating the CO2 emissions of your website. The second tree will be planted when you reach 15,000 views to ensure that all emissions from all websites have been covered. 

From there we plant 1 tree for every 25,000 views. In other words, a website that has 40,000 views, will have 3 trees planted (1 at installation, 1 after 15,000 views and one after another 25,000 views) 

With this label, approximately every 25,000 pages viewed, a new tree will be planted to offset the emissions of the pages viewed and the tree will automatically be added to your forest.

We plant a mix of various species that are located in our projects in Madagascar and Tanzania. 
Below is an example of a tree planted with the CO2 label and the message that appears with it in the forest. The example contains the species that are currently being planted.


This service is entirely free (trees included) except for very large websites with a yearly total page view superior to 10 million. Above 10 million, please consult us.