Ensuring accurate sponsor communication to prevent greenwashing

By maintaining up-to-date communication, sponsors can foster trust with their customers and contribute to a positive Tree-Nation experience, benefiting all parties involved and the environment.

At Tree-Nation, we strive to create a transparent and trustworthy relationship between our corporate sponsors and their customers. It is essential for sponsors to accurately communicate their tree-planting commitments and consistently update them to reflect reality.

Occasionally, our sponsors may claim on their website that they plant a specific number of trees related to a specific action/event, such as 'one tree planted for every product sold'. However, there might be instances where they do not fulfil this commitment anymore or tree planting has been paused. We understand that circumstances can change, but it is essential to maintain up-to-date and accurate communication.

We emphasize the importance of aligning sponsor communication with actual tree planting actions to avoid any potential backlash. Inaccurate or misleading claims can lead to accusations of greenwashing, which could negatively impact the sponsor's brand reputation instead of bolstering it.

While it is the duty of the sponsor to make sure its environmental claims are accurate, Tree-Nation will reach out to the sponsor in case we foresee a possible issue in the sponsor's communication. We aim to cultivate a positive Tree-Nation experience for all involved.

Note: Tree-Nation's philosophy regarding corporate sponsoring commitment is that commitments has to be voluntary and not enforced. Even though Climate Change is possibly the biggest threat on our planet, our role is to accompany companies in their sustainable transition, not to force it on them. We feel this is also our duty to provide them with the best possible advices. If you are contacted by our team with a recommendation to adjust your communication commitment to your actual tree planting, this is first and foremost as a measure to protect your brand from possible negative impact.

By keeping communication transparent, up-to-date and accurate, our sponsors can continue to build trust with their customers, creating a beneficial partnership for all parties and the environment.

Note: in case you have indeed decided to pause your commitment, we encourage you of course to keep the link to your forest on your website to show the many trees you have already planted and your contribution to reforest the planet. Simply make sure to adapt your communication so that there is no unsubstantiated commitment.

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