My first steps on Tree-Nation

Discover how you can get involved as a company and join our mission to reforest the world!

You may or may not have a clear idea of how you want to structure your tree planting program with Tree-Nation. In both cases, that's okay. It's our job to guide you through this. We have accompanied over 12,000 companies in their journey to sustainability.

You can embark on simple automated programs or on the most sophisticated and personalized campaigns.

Step 1: My account

The first step is to create your company account so we can assign you one of our Forest Success Managers in order to help you with your onboarding.
Register here to create your company forest.

Next, edit your profile to make your forest look unique, by adding a logo, a link to your website, and writing something about your company. Then, add your billing information.

Step 2: Discover

Once your forest has been created, you can now discover the tools linked to your forest. Take a tour with our fast presentations or, for more details, please read every article in the Getting started section. They contain information about your forest, your trees, Tree-Gifts, and how to keep track of your trees.

Step 3: Commitment

Now, you can find the right service for you in our Plant & Offset section.

To get more details on your services, please also get an overview of our corporate services.

If you don't have a clear idea of which service fits you best, discover Tree-Nation's methodology to become a sustainable company. This methodology will guide you towards the right services for your company.
We also provide tips for choosing your commitment.

Step 4: Questions

If you have any questions, you can:

  • Type your question in the search bar of this Knowledge Base. We probably already have the answer you're looking for.
  • Contact us on the chat to get immediate answers to your questions.
  • Request a direct call (go to the chat, leave your number and ask for an instant call).