Add credits to your account

Crediting your account is a great way to make your tree planting easier. You will not need to use your credit card each time you want to plant a tree.

Go to the Credit your account section.

Simply select the amount you want to credit. Once purchased you can plant at your own pace, using your credits over the time period you want.

This is also practical for companies to avoid multiple invoices.

*Note: You will have up to one year to use those credits from the date of purchase.

Auto-Renew option

If you activate the auto-renew option, each time you run out of credit, the system will automatically re-credit your account to let you keep planting. 

  • If you plant manually, you will be able to see in the checkout if you will be credited again so there are no surprises.
  • If you plant automatically using Net Zero Product, automatic renewal of credit is necessary to avoid your planting from stopping when running out of credits.