Add/edit your billing info

If you have a company forest, you can add your billing information.

You can access the account menu in the top right corner of every page. Here you will find the Billing section where you can add your billing details and find all your invoices.

If you are a European company, please fill in your VAT information.

Important information:

  1. VAT can't be changed retroactively on invoices.

  2. If your company has changed its VAT (one-time change) you can modify the information directly from the Billing section on your profile.

  3. If your company has different locations with different VATs, please get in touch with us to request our Mother Forest tool.

  4. The VAT should be added before the payment, otherwise, the VAT will be charged. If you are unsure if the VAT should apply in your case, please contact us.


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