For companies: add/edit your billing details

If you are a Company Forest owner, you should complete your billing details prior to placing a planting order

For companies add edit your billing details 1As a Company sponsor, you may access your billing section from your upper right corner user menu, or by directly accessing this link. In this section, you will find all your invoices and receipts, as well as be able to edit your billing details by clicking on Edit billing information

You will be able to edit:
Your company name and address
Ensure that the address entered is your company’s listed billing address.

Value-added tax (VAT) number
Please review our VAT application rules to find out whether you will be subject to a value-added tax. Even if you are not, be sure to enter your VAT number it so that it can be included in your invoices.

With reference to your VAT number, please note:

  • If your company has different locations with different associated VAT numbers, please reach out to us to request our Mother Forest tool,

  • You will be allowed a one-time VAT number modification within this section,

  • For European companies with an intra-community VAT number, it must be entered prior to making any payments in order to avoid a VAT charge.

Phone number and e-mail
Ensure that the contact details provided here are appropriate for any billing queries or payment reminders sent to your company.

Once all your information is filled in, remember to click Save to complete this process.