Create your forest page within your website

Once you have set your Planting Habit, we recommend that you create one web page within your website that you can name 'Our (BRAND NAME) forest'. On this page, you will explain to your followers and clients why you are planting trees, why it's important, and also give them proof of your commitment.

Your page structure

You are free to explain your Planting Habit the way you want to of course. What we show you below are just tips and suggestions.

Here is a simple format to present your tree planting commitment:

  • 1st paragraph:
    Explain your Planting Habit and why your company plants trees. If you need some arguments or scientific facts to highlight the importance of reforestation, our section on why plant trees may help!
  • 2nd paragraph:
    Explain why you partnered with Tree-Nation.
  • Link to your forest:
    Add a link or button that leads to your forest in Tree-Nation so your clients can see how many trees you have already planted. This will make your commitment more tangible for your users and serve as proof of your commitment. How to get my forest url.

    Component 1

Pick some of our amazing photos

You can give a good sense of the benefit of your commitment by displaying a few photos from the planting fields. We are providing you with tons of amazing photos to make your page shine.

Add a video

If you want to add some video content, you can use some of our Tree-Nation video content.

Use our widgets

To make it easier for you to build your page, you can use some widgets we created for this purpose. Discover our widgets that will simplify your work and also improve your client's experience.