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Our Forum

Our forum is the place for our community and fans to meet and exchange on topics related to Tree-Nation and our mission.

Welcome to our forum . This is the ideal place to go beyond the trees you plant and exchange with fellow users. Here are a few ways you can use it:
  • To get tips from more experienced user in case you are new around here.
  • To suggest a new feature or an improvement on a feature, be able to discuss it with the community, and see if more users would be interested in it.
  • To share some fun planting challenges with the rest of the community.
  • To help Tree-Nation in its mission.
  • Simply to talk about climate change or other topics.
Please note that the forum is not an official channel to contact the Tree-Nation staff. If you wish to contact us directly or if you need assistance, please use the contact us form  or the chat button.
But our team still reads the forum and even talks to the users through it sometimes. We also use it to ask questions to our community or to receive your feedback. Let's talk! See you on the forum.