Your free trees to get started

When you create your forest for your company, or when you join our Ambassador program, you'll receive some free trees to give away to friends, customers and contacts.

Why we do this

Whenever we can, we prefer to spend our marketing budget on planting extra trees. That's why we offer you trees to trial our service. We are pretty confident you will love our platform. Especially when you start receiving very positive feedback from your customers.
We believe that if you try it, you will adopt it. Also, by shortening the 'decision process' time we can lower our onboarding costs. So, in the end, even if unconventional and surprising, this offer allows us to globally plant more trees at a cost we can afford. That's what we care about.

                       Tree-Nation trees

For ambassadors

As a citizen or company you can join our ambassador program.
As part of this program you can be awarded 25 free trees.

For companies

With your company account we offer you 100 free trees for your forest. This is our candid strategy to make sure you fall in love with Tree-Nation and keep planting trees for the next 20 years :)

Those free trees are available immediately as soon as you register your forest.

How to see how many free trees you have left

Go to your User Menu.


                         user menu max


Inside your user menu, you will find your free trees.
(Please note that if you don’t have free trees left, this information will not appear.)

profile menu max

How to plant using the free trees

You can click on the Plant button from the user menu:

free trees

Or simply go to the Plant & Offer section.

Please note that only a small selection of species can be used as free trees. Not every species in our platform is available for this program.

Use the following toggle to see the list of the trees species you can plant for free:

free trees 2
Then plant your trees normally. If in doubt, click here to learn how to plant & offer trees.


                                                                         Free trees page

Use your free trees as you like, at your own pace. Try offering trees to your team and clients and find out how much they like it. Happy planting!