Free trees to get you started

Create a company account or become a Tree-Nation ambassador to receive, plant, and offer Free Trees

Free trees to get you started 1

At Tree-Nation, we allocate a portion of our marketing budget to plant trees for new users, serving as an introduction to our platform. We've noticed that they quickly engage with our product and begin receiving positive feedback from friends and customers. This free trial speeds up the user onboarding process and boosts efficiency while offering you a freebie: a win-win!

For ambassadors

Whether you are a Citizen or a Company, you will be able to join our ambassador program. The program will give you the tools necessary to recruit like-minded individuals to support the fight against deforestation. As part of this program, you will be awarded 25 Free Trees to plant. 

For companies

As soon as you register your company with Tree-Nation, you will be awarded 100 Free Trees to plant. These trees will allow you to test the platform as a potential function of your services and explore the different Campaigns that you can participate in.

To check & plant your Free Trees

In the upper right corner of your page, click on your profile photo. This will open your user menu, which includes the Free Tree counter. If the counter is not visible to you, then you do not have any Free Trees available for planting. 

After determining how many trees you can plant, click on the ‘Plant’ button to select your planting location, tree species, and whether you would like to offer the tree as a gift to a friend or customer.

Free trees to get you started 2

Only a small selection of species are available under the Free Trees feature. While planting, you will have the option to filter all the species that are eligible with your trial allowance. To do this, slide the ‘Show me only free trees’ toggle during the initial step of the process.

Free trees to get you started 3

If you would like to access in-depth information about available species and the locations where they are planted, visit our Projects List page.