How to plant my free trees

As part of our Ambassador program or when you start off as a company on Tree-Nation, you will receive some free trees to offer to friends, clients and contacts. Here is how to offer them!

If you have received free tree credits, please make sure you choose one of the following species in our projects in Madagascar and Tanzania.

On the last page of the payment process, you have the option to pay with your 'free trees' and at the same time check how many you still have. 

Make sure you are planting one of the species below. This will allow you to proceed checking out with free trees.

Click on the species you would like to offer today:

Tree Species Rhizophora Mucronata Tree Species Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Tree Species Ceriops tagal   Tree Species Markhamia lutea


We might ask you to fill in your billing information such as your company address, country, etc. But don't worry, we will not collect your credit card nor push you to do any kind of payment. 

Video Tutorial