How can a tree and its CO2 offset appear in two forests?

Tree-Gifts and their offsets appear in two forests as a symbol of our shared responsibility to climate positivity, but these figures are not double counted

How can a tree and its CO2 offset appear in two forests

When you offer a Tree-Gift to a follower or employee, the tree and its associated CO2 compensation will appear in both your Forests. This mirroring feature serves a couple of purposes:

Amplify your message of climate positivity
Displaying a tree you have funded on your profile is a testament to your commitment to the planet, while the tree recipient will gain increased awareness about the fight against climate change, especially if they are new to the Tree-Nation platform.

Share the responsibility of offsetting emissions
It is important to convey the message that no individual or corporation is singlehandedly responsible for saving the planet. On the contrary: since we are all carbon emitters, we should all make proportionate efforts to reduce and offset those emissions.

Though the trees and offsets that you gift are shared between you and your recipient, Tree-Nation ensures to count these only once (at time of purchase) for the purposes of our global platform figures. Under this system, the double counting of carbon offsets is not possible.


Different Tree-Nation services take advantage of our mirroring feature, for example:

  • Net Zero Product companies can commit to planting a tree for every item sold/order placed, involving their clients in the process by gifting them those trees. Each gifted tree can be claimed by a customer who is then encouraged to join Tree-Nation and begin their own climate positivity journey.

  • Net Zero Team companies can commit to offset the work-related emissions of their employees by gifting them trees. This service offsets approximately 3.6 CO2 tonnes per employee, per year. Employees can rest assured that their work emissions are compensated, and can continue to offset personal emissions to reach net zero or negative emissions (climate positivity).

If you would like to learn about average carbon emissions around the world to estimate your own, read our article on understanding your emissions.