How to make sure your WooCommerce plugin is installed correctly

Make sure your Tree-Nation ID is still inserted after the app update.

Step 1: Installation

Please go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Installed plugins

Screenshot 2021-11-18 094341

You should find Tree-Nation for the WooCommerce plugin as shown below. Make sure the Version is 1.4.

If you have a previous version, please update your version and go to Step 2.

Step 2: Tree-Nation ID

Go to our woocommerce confirmation page to find your Tree-Nation ID and copy it. If you don't find your Tree-Nation ID, please log in to your account and then visit the page again.

Head back to the Tree-Nation for the WooCommerce plugin and click on Settings.

You will find 2 fields: Tree-Nation ID and Advanced parameters.
Paste your Tree-Nation ID and leave the Advanced parameters blank as shown below.

Make sure you complete this step by clicking on Save changes.

Once you finished all the steps, please fill in the form below.