How we handle data protection (GDPR)

When you gift trees we may need to access the name and email of your clients to send them their tree. Discover your options below.

Here is an extract of our Privacy Policy that explains how we handle data:

'In case you offer a tree to a recipient, you can choose to do this anonymously by not providing his email and sending the tree-gift URL to the recipient yourself.

In case you choose to use our email-sending system we will need the full name and email of each recipient you want to offer a tree to.
Those names and emails will be stored in our database for the purpose of recognizing to whom the trees are addressed and for the purpose of sending 2 reminder emails, one at 48 hours after the tree-gift original email and the second one 10 days after the tree-gift original email.
Those names and emails will never be used anymore afterward, with the exception of allowing a recipient who would register at a later date to collect previous trees that were offered to him before.'

Please check your own Data policy to make sure it is in accordance with ours. For more information, see our full Privacy Policy here

The 2 email reminders are optional and can be canceled from your settings section.

Please note we also have solutions to allow you to directly send tree-gifts URLs with your own emailing system. This way, there are no GDPR concerns. You will be the one sending the trees directly to your clients without sharing your data with Tree-Nation. Our IOT (Internet of Trees) is usually the best option in this case but it will require coding from your side. However other simpler options are also available.

In case you are unsure what is the best option for your company, please contact us on the chat or by reaching your Forest Success Manager to discuss it in more detail.