Forest- Impact

From your forest page, you can access your Forest impact section where you can see the impact of your reforestation efforts.

In your forest, you can see and collect all the trees you have planted and discover other sections like your seeds, your friends, the updates from the projects you follow, and your impact section. The impact section contains information about your overall number of planted trees, the number of hectares reforested, and the total CO2 captured by the trees. Below, we explain how we calculate your impact: 

How do we calculate the hectares reforested? 

When you select a project to plant your trees, each of them has its own number of trees planted per ha according to the forest management that they adopt for the project, which corresponds to the tree density of the project (e.g. 1000 trees/ha). With this information, we can calculate the area that each tree will occupy on the project, knowing that in 1 hectare we have an area of 10000m², then we calculate the individual tree area by dividing the area of 1 hectare by the tree density of the project. (e.g. 10000m2 / 1000 trees = 1 tree each 10m2). The reforested area is calculated by multiplying the number of trees that you have planted by the area each tree occupies. For example: If you have planted 2000 trees in a project in Tanzania, and this project plants 1000 trees per hectare, you will have 20000m² or 2ha planted within this project. And if you plant in different projects, the calculation will be done according to the project particularities, giving you the final number of hectares reforested.

How do we calculate the tonnes of CO2 for the planters?

At Tree-nation we have developed our own CO2 calculation methodology that gives us the amount of CO2 that each tree can offset during its first 20 years. After having the CO2 offset values for each species, the tonnes of CO2 are calculated by multiplying the number of trees of each species that you have planted by its own CO2 offset values, then we have the expected tonnes of CO2 that you have reached by planting those trees, thus, your impact is calculated.