What are my options to offset CO2 as an individual?

Each year, your total annual emissions average 9 tonnes of CO2. By becoming CO2 Neutral you can offset all of your CO2 emissions in the easiest and most effective way.

Every month, Tree-Nation will plant your trees by carefully selecting the species that will offset the amount of CO2 corresponding to the program of your choice. 

For this, we offer 3 different programs which can be found in our Net Zero Citizen section.


The first one is the Basic plan, which will compensate half of your average CO2 emissions: 4.5t of CO2 per year by planting 3 trees every month for a year.

The second one is the Individual plan, which will fully compensate your yearly CO2 emissions of 9t by planting 6 trees per month for a year.

Last but not least is the Family pack, which allows you to choose for how many people you would like to compensate by planting 6 trees per month.