Managing multiple billing accounts

If you are a multinational company and want to have 1 forest but each invoice linked to each specific local subsidiary, please follow the instructions below.

Let's say your company is present in 3 countries: France, Spain, and Germany.
You want each country branch to be able to have its own invoice and eventually its own tree budget. But you also want to display all your trees in just 1 forest.

Initial setup

  1. What you need to do is create 1 forest per country. So you need to register as a company 3 times in this example. (You'll need 1 different email per forest).
  2. And you also need to create your global forest, so this requires a 4th register as a company.
  3. Now that you have 4 forests. Personalize each of the 3 local forests with the corresponding billing information. Your global forest needs no specific billing information.
  4. Then, let your Forest Success Manager know that you have multiple forests. They will make sure that your global forest displays the sum of all the trees purchased by each local forest.

Ongoing process

Then, when you make credit purchases, make sure to make them in the right local forest. If you pay by bank transfer and our staff need to credit your account for you, make sure you specify for which forest this is aimed.

The result

It will result in:

  • each local forest displaying the trees they plant locally
  • local invoices
  • and a global forest with all your trees
Let us know if you have any questions or requests.