History of contributions

Track and manage all your contributions in one place. See what you have planted, check who has collected your Tree-Gifts, or retrieve Tree-Gift URLs.

Inside your user menu, you can find your 'My Contributions' page to manage and keep track of all the transactions you make on our platform.

To enter your 'My Contributions' page, click on your profile button on the user menu, then click on 'My Contributions'.

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Inside the 'History of contributions' section, you will find all the information about your planted trees in chronological order (starting from the most recent). That includes your total number of contributions, the dates, the services used for every planting order, and more.

You can also find a 'Filter' bar at the top that will let you filter your contributions by service or date.

About URLs and certificates:

Inside every individual contribution, you can download all your tree certificates, copy your tree URLs, and view every tree you plant from the same place.

When offering trees to a large group with the Advanced option, from this section you can retrieve all the Tree-Gift URLs generated in your transaction in one spreadsheet. You can obtain this by clicking on the download button below the 'Tree URL' column. 

When planting for yourself you will get one certificate per purchase, and an individual certificate per person when planting for others.

Discover real data about the trees you send to your customers

By clicking on the number under 'View trees' in a contribution, you can see information about the trees you sent to your clients. You can find extended information about who opens your Tree-Gift emails and collects the trees you sponsor.