Net Zero Product: Our One product-One tree solution

Gift a tree with every product you sell to boost sales, foster loyalty, and offset emissions

Net Zero Product - Our 1 product, 1 tree solution 1The service

The Net Zero Product service gifts trees to your customers while helping to offset the CO2 emissions of your products, whether from production, transportation, or delivery activities. Employing it will allow you to start a One Product, One Tree campaign to pair every product purchased with a tree planting.

Your benefits

Planting trees on behalf of your customers serves as tangible proof of your company’s commitment to the environment. Our sponsors use the Net Zero Product service to foster loyalty to their brand and increase sales, while inspiring their community to get involved in the fight against climate change. Read about how our sponsors communicate the service here.

Sign up and you will receive 100 trees free of charge to see how it works. You may also watch our customer experience walkthrough, below:

Species, projects, and pricing

We have curated a selection of tree species and projects that are regularly updated, offering them at three different pricing tiers. This system allows you to choose the plan that best aligns with your budget and desired environmental impact.

Explore our different plans below, where prices are displayed before any applicable value-added taxes (VAT, may affect sponsors in specific regions).

Net Zero Product - Our 1 product, 1 tree solution 2

Note that if you select the Premium plan, you will have access to advanced customization options.

Complement your Net Zero Product solution with our suite of services: Net Zero Team and Net Zero Website, or become climate positive by joining the Tree-Nation Pledge.