Net Zero Products - Our 1 product 1 tree solution

Offer a tree with every product you sell, generate more sales, and offset the emissions linked to your products, all in one!

What the service does

The Net Zero Products service does 2 things: offsetting the emissions of CO2 of your product and gifting trees to your customers. This service allows you to start a 1 product 1 tree campaign, offering one tree for every product purchased by your clients.

The CO2 offset generated by the trees planted can be linked to the production and delivery of your products. By default, it will use our default CO2 average, but it can later be fine-tuned to your specific product emissions by doing a CO2 study.

This product plants a tree

Your benefits

Planting and gifting trees on behalf of your customers is a great way to communicate your commitment. We believe this is a great way not only to increase your sales but also to foster your clients' loyalty and inspire your community to be involved in the most efficient and affordable method to fight climate change.

As we are offering 250 trees entirely free,  as part of our Net Zero Products, you will be able to see the results by yourself without any financial burden.

See in this video what 1 Product 1 Tree (Net Zero Products) looks like in action: 

We've included some of the best practices for your communication to show you how to get the most out of your commitment.


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The Net Zero Products service is part of a trio of services aimed at covering all your CO2 emissions as a company. It can be complemented with 2 other services: Net Zero Team and Net Zero Website. Learn more about our methodology in Tree-Nation Climate Positive solutions