Offset by Tonnes - Offset a specific amount

Offset by Tonnes is ideal if you already know the amount of CO2 emissions you want to offset. Just enter the number of tons and we will offset the specified quantity.

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Calculate your CO2 footprint and offset it on a regular basis with third-party carbon offsets. Therefore, this will became a Planting Habit.

You can support projects from various certification programs like Plan Vivo or the VCS/CCB certified carbon reduction programs with a carefully selected range of REDD+ projects (see table below).

Another option is to offset the tonnes you need by using our own certification

We plant trees in addition to your offset!

At Tree-Nation we never offer CO2 offsets without trees. While new-planted trees are already included in the Tree-Nation certification and the Plan Vivo certification, this is not the case for the VCS certification. This is why we supplement your offset with newly planted trees in selected reforestation projects. So for each tonne of CO2 offset you purchase, you will also receive a certain amount of trees (see table below). Those trees will compensate for at least another tonne of CO2 while they are growing during their lifespan of 20-30 years. This means your funding will protect existing trees and also plant new trees. In the case of the VCS certification, the impact of this offset program is twice the amount of CO2 that is officially claimed!

All the trees planted will appear in your Tree-Nation forest.

Certification standard Country
Type Country
Number of trees per tonne of CO2 Price per tonne of CO2
Tree-Nation World mix Reforestation World mix 10 10 €
Plan Vivo Nicaragua Reforestation Nicaragua 2 26 €
VCS/REDD+ Peru Conservation Mozambique 20 20 €
VCS/REDD+ /CCB Gold  Congo Conservation  Tanzania 20 20 €
VCS/REDD+/CCB Cambodia Conservation Uganda 20 20 €
VCS/CCB Uganda Reforestation Uganda 33 45 €
VCS/CCB Kenya Reforestation Kenya 33 45 €

Types of projects

These projects are reducing CO2 emissions from deforestation and forest degradation through the conservation of forest carbon stocks and sustainable forest management.

These projects are planting trees to re-establish forest cover in areas of forest that have been deforested.

Order your credits

For any order below 150 Tonnes, you can do this directly online on our Offset by Tonnes page.
For larger quantities, please contact us through the chat or contact your Forest Success Manager.

Above 150 tonnes

Above 150 tonnes, we offer you more choices in the type of projects you can fund with your offset as well as more pricing options.

Get your certificate

You can get your personalized VCS or Plan Vivo certificate:

Below 150 tonnes 40 €
Above 150 tonnes Included

*Please note that you have up to 15 days after your purchase to request a certificate.

If you are ready to place your order you can use the following form:

For the Tree Hashtag, we suggest you to use  #OffsetTonnes