Net Zero Website - A smart label to offset the emissions of your website

The Net Zero Website service allows you to place a smart label on your website and automatically calculate and offset all the CO2 emissions of your website.

Placed in the footer of your website, it tracks the usage of your website and calculates its emissions. Our system plants the trees needed to offset these emissions. The best part? It's free!

*Free except for very large websites with a total page view per year superior to 10 million. Above 10 million, please fill out the form below


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A smart label on your website

Just install our free smart label on your website’s footer and it will track its emissions and automatically convert them into trees planted in order to offset them.

Your website's impact and CO2 offset

Keep track of your website's CO2 compensation with your personalized counter. Here you can also learn how much CO2 your trees are offsetting and measure your environmental impact year-on-year.


What data we track

Our system primarily records the number of visits to your website's pages. It's important to note that our system neither accesses nor monitors any content on the pages or any customer information. This tracking method fully complies with all privacy regulations and GDPR policies.

Your trees are planted automatically and free of charge

Each time you reach a certain amount of emissions due to your website, we plant a tree to offset it. Therefore, this will became a Planting Habit. All your new trees will be visible on your forest page. 

Learn more about the trees we plant for Net Zero Website.

Why it matters

When a website is used, data is transferred and processed on remote servers. The electricity consumed by these servers and by our computers accounts for 4% of the world’s air pollution.

Why it matters

Learn more about this Planting Habit 

Why are we so amazing and generous? 😛

This service requires to plant a relatively small number of trees per website. To avoid adding complexity with a payment process we decided to make it a free service. It helps us demonstrate the benefit of our platforms and gain your loyalty as a client. As much as we can, we prefer to spend our marketing budget on planting extra trees so that you can experience our services.

Also, by shortening the 'decision process' time we can lower our onboarding costs so in the end, even if unconventional and surprising, this offer allows us to globally plant more trees at a cost we can afford. That's what we care about.

Install it now

Click here to start your Net Zero Website label.

If your site has a total page views per year greater than 10 million, please fill out this form:

The Net Zero Website service is part of a trio of services aimed at covering all the CO2 emissions of your company. It can be complemented with 2 other services: Net Zero Product and Net Zero Team. Learn more about our methodology in Tree-Nation's climate positive solutions.