Net Zero Website Manual for Shopify

Follow the instructions below to have the Net Zero Website widget appear on your website footer and offset your website for free!

To install the Net Zero Website widget to your Shopify website, first, go to Net Zero - Tree-Nation and press on Activate your Net Zero Website label button. It will generate a code for you that you will need to copy.

Next, copy the generated code like in the screenshot below:
Next, go to your Shopify themes and edit your code:

Next, under the sections folder, you will find the footer.liquid file, click on it and you will find a written code that represents your website footer. That is where you will need to place the code we provided you.

Try placing the code you copied earlier, at almost the bottom of the code, save the file, then visit your webpage and keep an eye on your footers' changes. If you don't like how it looks,  replace the code somewhere else in the same footer.liquid file. The widget will change place depending on where you place exactly the code we provided you. Test over and over until the placement matches your needs.

If you have any doubts, please contact