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Our solution: the Tree-Nation platform.

In order to fulfill our mission to reach 1 trillion trees planted by 2050, we need to structure our platform for it to handle volume, as it will have to manage millions of sponsors.

Tree-Nation is creating a platform: the Internet Of Trees, a way to link any action to planting a tree. We invented the Digital tree and the Forest profile among many other innovative tools, like our API. Our objective is to link any action to a tree, which will allow the beginning of new behaviors for individuals and companies, eventually transforming into long-term traditions. For example, we have a no-coding solution for e-commerces to do a 1 product 1 tree commitment, a solution that has been seen to improve their sales and increase their customer loyalty. Creating such solutions allows us to generate a steady and long-lasting stream of tree funding.

Our aim is wild but not crazy. In fact, we foresee that aiming lower will be seen by future generations as mad and irresponsible. At this point, we believe this is simply our duty. The question is not if we should put ourselves on such an overwhelming mission, but how we will make sure to reach success.

A platform built for all. We built Tree-Nation as a platform where any project can join and any sponsor can participate. We designed it to be adaptable to all sizes and kinds of projects, no matter if they are just starting or with many years of experience. Also, we want to be the platform for all companies and all citizens too. To be able to serve such a massive amount of sponsors we built Tree-Nation to be self-service, automated, and multi-language. But no politics in here, this is a collaborative platform for all people.

A SAAS for companies, a social network for citizens. Tree-Nation is built as an efficient and business-friendly SAAS platform for companies, allowing any corporate sponsor to plug and play our services into their existing architecture. Our model for citizens is that of a social network. This dual vision allows us to foster the best participation of each sponsor type.

Gamification is our secret weapon, please don't tell anyone. Our final word will be for our gamification strategy. Climate change is a sad story, a story that should shake our beliefs in what we call progress and make us think more of our role in nature. It’s also a story of hope and a fight to preserve the future of our children. In a word, it’s epic. No doubt it will way too often be dramatic. But for us, who dedicate our lives to this mission, we also believe it doesn’t have to be a sad job. We want to make sure using our platform will be fun and bring joy to everyone who uses it. In fact, we believe this is essential to reach our objective. It will be a great journey and we invite you to hop on board!