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Use of our logo and brand: what you can and can't do

At Tree-Nation we are proud to receive your sponsorship. We believe it’s a good thing you communicate about the trees you plant. By doing this, you are also influencing your clients and partners to plant trees as well, so your action can lead to more trees in the ground!

Only one rule

Therefore, you are free to use our logo and communicate about your trees and your Company Forest on Tree-Nation. The only rule we are enforcing is to make sure you have reasonable communication regarding your sponsorship and planting efforts. Here is a quick rule of thumb for what we consider NOT reasonable:

- If you spend more on communicating about your tree planting than what you spend on planting the trees.

But providing you are reasonable and respectful, you can communicate, and we’ll be happy to share your communication on our platform and on social networks.


We may have some restrictions for companies that are working in industries whose activity could be seen as harmful to human health, for animals, or for the environment as well as activities that could be considered inappropriate for certain demographics. Industries like Tobacco, Alcohol, Oil, and Adult-only should contact us for authorization before they start communicating in any way.

Let us know

If you are going to add our logo to your marketing content, please contact us anyway just to let us know and let us advise you on the best practices.

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