Pricing and Customization - Net Zero Product

Once your Net Zero Product is set up, you can make some customizations to better match your brand image.

Pricing, Species, and project selection

We have designed 3 plans that allow you to plant multiple species in different projects in order to have a strong positive environmental impact. By default, your trees are set to be planted with our Net Zero Product Standard Plan. Find below the details for each plan. Although, species may vary over time:

Standard Plan

Tree-Nation has selected 4 low-cost species from 2 reforestation projects in order to offer you a competitive price per tree. The 4 species will be evenly distributed among the trees we plant.

Planting locations: Madagascar, Tanzania.

Price: 0,25€ per tree.

Plus Plan

A selection of 10 species to be planted in 5 reforestation projects.

Planting locations: Madagascar, Senegal, Nepal, Cameroon, Tanzania.

Price: 0,35€ /tree.

Premium Plan

A selection of 13 species to be planted in 7 reforestation projects.

Planting locations: Madagascar, Nepal, Senegal, Cameroon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Indonesia. 

Price: 0,50€ /tree.

Click here to learn more about the species selection for each plan.

Change your tree message and tree image

Define a personalized message and image for your Tree-Gifts.


By default, your tree message is: 'Thank you for planting trees at our side!' and the image used is the image of the species. As your species rotate, your trees will display different images, depending on the planted species.

We recommend you to provide a more personalized message.

Language selection

With Shopify
Our system will detect the user's language and send the email in the corresponding language.
We manage the following languages. For any other language, the default language will be English.

You can define the tree message but, for now, we do not handle multiple languages for the tree message.

With other e-commerce platforms
You can configure the language of the emails. By default, it is set according to the language your account was in when you subscribed.

You can define the tree message but, for now, we do not handle multiple languages for the tree message.

1 tree per order

(for Premium plans only)

By default, this integration will allow you to plant a tree each time a customer buys a product. 1 tree will be planted for each product purchase. For example, if a user makes 1 purchase which includes 2 x Product A and 3 x Product B, this user will receive an email with his 5 trees offered by your brand.

You can decide to limit the system to 1 tree per order instead of 1 tree per product. In this case, a purchase of 5 products will only generate 1 tree.

Product restrictions 

(for Premium plans only)

If you want only some specific products to trigger a tree, please send us the list of the IDs of these products.

Minimum amount spent per order

(for Premium plans only)

You can limit the system to 1 (or X) trees planted every time a minimum amount spent per order is reached. With this option, an order below the chosen amount would not trigger any tree.

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Don't forget to also customize your forest.

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