Our project selection

We look for projects with a significant impact on fighting climate change, restoring biodiversity, and helping local communities

We, therefore, identify three ways to fight climate change and a large range of essential causes projects can support: 

Impact: Projects directly fighting climate change, focusing strongly on capturing CO2 emissions. These projects are often in tropical areas (for ideal conditions) and include fast-growing species.

Causes: Projects limiting the causes of climate change like deforestation and modern agriculture.

Consequences: Projects alleviating the consequences of climate change like desertification, land erosion, malnutrition, poverty, and species extinction (loss of species habitat).

Trees have so many benefits a single project can support multiple causes.

Another essential criteria we specifically care about when selecting a project is the local team. We want to make sure the team is professional, experienced, using good practices (like gender equality), and clearly aligned on our mission.

We list those project 'key elements' on each project’s About section so you can consult them:


Usually, several months are necessary to validate a project in its entirety without counting the control visits that we carry out.