Receive 250 free trees when starting your Net Zero Product

When you start with Net Zero Product, we credit your account with 250 free tree credits so you can start discovering our service at no cost.

Why we do this

As much as we can, we prefer to spend our marketing budget on planting extra trees. That's why we offer you trees to trial our service. We are pretty confident you will love our platform. Especially when you start receiving very positive feedback from your customers.
We believe that if you try it, you will adopt it. Also, by shortening the 'decision process' time we can lower our onboarding costs so in the end, even if unconventional and surprising, this offer allows us to globally plant more trees at a cost we can afford. That's what we care about.

What you need to do

Nothing. Just start your Net Zero Product plan and you will be automatically credited those free trees.
If you upgrade from the Standard Plan to the Plus Plan or the Premium Plan, those credits won't be available for the Net Zero Product so in this case, you will need to credit your account to get started. But you will still keep 250 free tree credits that you can use at a later stage to manually Offer Trees.

To check how many free trees you have left, please check the following article: How to plant my free trees

After the trial period

To make sure your Net Zero Product doesn't stop at the end of the trial, please credit your account and tick the box Auto-refill. (Auto-refill allows you to automatically recharge your account when you run out of credits).

Which trees will you plant?

Click here to see the list of species associated with each plan.

Feel free to send us your feedback or contact us in the chat with any questions. 😀