Seeds game

Seeds©, the online game that plants real trees.

With our Seeds game, you can play with the community and plant trees for free!

These seeds are actually sponsored by the seeds game sponsors. 

Learn how it works:

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Step 1. Plant your seed

Every 4 days you will receive a new seed to plant.

Click on the ‘Plant a New Seed’ button. Then personalize your seed by choosing a nice picture and a message!

Afterward, click on the button placed on the right side of your screen called ‘Plant your seed’ and your seed will automatically be planted.


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Step 2. Tree-Nation citizens will water it 

Once you have planted your seed, other users will start to water it. The better the content you added to the seed, the higher the chances of success. So don't be shy and use all your imagination! 


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Step 3. Get your tree

If your seed reaches 100 water drops in less than 10 days, a tree will be planted!

If your seed doesn't make it, no worries, you will receive a new seed every 4 days as soon as you spend your previous one. They don’t accumulate, but every time you plant a seed you will get a new one after 4 days!

Having fun and raising awareness of Climate Change at the same time

To increase your chances as much as possible, we recommend you share your seed with your friends on any social network. Use our share button to directly share it on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

The Seeds game has been designed so that each tree planted will need the active collaboration of hundreds of people around the world that will water the seed. This collective effort makes every tree a tool to raise awareness of our fight against climate change and deforestation. It shows we can do something about it, and besides, it's easy to get involved!