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Species packages

If you plan to automate your Planting Habit, you can select a special species package. We have a curation of species designed for each package.

Pricing, Species, and project selection

We have designed 3 plans that allow you to plant multiple species in different projects in order to have a strong positive environmental impact. Find below the details for each plan. Although, species may vary over time. In addition, the numbers we guarantee are within 1 year, meaning that in the first few months you may see that we plant in fewer countries, but the selection of countries will change over the course of the year, thus guaranteeing the numbers we detail below. 

Standard Plan

Tree-Nation has selected 4 low-cost species from 2 reforestation projects in order to offer you a competitive price per tree. The 4 species will be evenly distributed among the trees we plant.

Price: 0,25€ per tree.

Plus Plan

A selection of 10 species to be planted in 5 reforestation projects.

Price: 0,35€ /tree.

Premium Plan

A selection of 14 species to be planted in 10 reforestation projects.

Price: 0,50€ /tree.


If you have a preference for a specific species or project, please let us know and we will take it into account. You can find the species list of each project in the section 'Species' inside each project.

We also have packages for 0.75 euros, 1 euro, 2 euros. 3 euros and 5 euros per tree. Contact us to find out more. 

Before we proceed, please let us know if you want to include a custom message in your trees and a hashtag to display your Planting Habit