I want to start a reforestation project but I haven't started planting trees yet. Can I register my project on Tree-Nation?

Any new project idea is welcome on Tree-Nation!

In case you have a great idea about starting a new reforestation project you can always start to register your project on our platform immediately. It doesn't matter if you haven't started to plant any trees yet. Any new project idea is welcome on Tree-Nation! Once you register your new project you can keep adding new information depending on your project's progress (new team members, planting sites, species, etc.), and inform our Tree-Nation Community with updates about your project activities.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you to find all the different components of your new project (e.g., the terrain, team, seeds, saplings, ...). Our work consists in proving your project with followers and a continuous source of funding (among our network of 400.000 private and 10.000 corporate sponsors).

However, at the moment we only raise funding for existing projects which are actually planting trees. Only fully registered projects with a proven tree planting track record can receive funding (we call them affiliated projects).