Tax deduction

You may be thinking that your contributions will bring tax deductions and here we explain how that works

Our usual services go beyond a simple contribution and should therefore be categorized as 'sponsoring'. Sponsorship does not usually apply for a tax deduction.

By using the Tree-Nation platform, you will benefit from a suite of tools allowing you to communicate about your reforestation efforts. This includes a lot of extra services around your trees: the virtual trees associated with your brand, a branded forest, and tools to communicate your environmental commitment. In the case of a donation, strictly speaking, you should not get any benefit in exchange for your funds.

To simplify, sponsoring is basically a donation + advertising. But in terms of tax, it means we invoice you normally, as a company would do. It's also usually a preferred option from our corporate clients, as it is much easier for them to treat those payments as normal invoices in their accounting.