Tax deductions

Your relationship with Tree-Nation is considered a sponsorship, which is not typically eligible for tax deductions

The relationship between Tree-Nation's suite of services and our user base is termed a sponsorship, where user contributions are reciprocated through our platform's capabilities and communication tools.

Sponsoring Tree-Nation offers numerous benefits in addition to tree planting. This includes owning a Forest, digital trees associated with each planting event (as well as with your forest), and various options to share your reforestation and offsetting efforts, such as our smart labels.

While Tree-Nation previously operated as a non-profit organization, we have since transitioned to be a company (read our FAQ here to  understand the reasons why we transitioned). Our services were under the sponsorship category prior to, and continue to be after the transition. For tax reporting purposes, this means that users are not typically eligible for deductions, as those are generally reserved for charitable donations where the donor does not receive anything in exchange for their gift.

For questions about tax deductions pertaining to your specific country’s laws, please contact us at