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Visit a project

If you have contributed to planting 50,000 trees, with a one-third allocation to a specific project, you may request to visit that project

Visit a project 1

At Tree-Nation, our mission is to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. Given the scale and urgency of this mission, our execution strategy prioritizes the growth of our platform, while entrusting tree-planting to a global network of experts that tailor their practices to the ecosystems of their respective locations.

It is crucial for our sponsors to learn that organizing team-building events at our affiliate projects can sometimes hinder our mission. Consider a team that can plant up to two hundred trees during an event. While valuable as an educational experience, achieving our target would require hosting billions of these events, consuming finite time and resources. As we are in a race against the clock to reverse climate change, we restrict project visits to sponsors who have planted at least 50,000 trees, with one-third of that volume allocated to the desired visit location.

We understand the value of involving your team in sponsorship activities and encourage such initiatives. Your employees can receive Tree-Gifts, create their own forests, and engage with your Company Forest regularly, knowing their trees are being carefully planted and tended to throughout their lifespan. When you align your goals with ours, you are ensuring that climate positivity becomes ingrained in your business strategy, transcending the impact of a single event.


Before requesting a project visit we ask you to carefully consider the time investment it will require, as well as the environmental implications of transporting your employees there. If you have decided that a visit would be mutually beneficial, please follow these steps to request one:

  1. Visit our Projects List and select the desired project,

  2. Click into the About section of the project, and scroll down to review the ‘How to visit the plantations’ module,

  3. Contact the Tree-Nation Loyalty Team (loyalty@tree-nation.com) with your intended visit location, format, and number of guests.