About team buildings, volunteering, and project visits

Tree-Nation does not directly offer team building or volunteering activities in the field.

At Tree-Nation our mission is to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. A team-building event is a very inefficient way to plant trees. If we consider a small team of participants who could manage to plant 200 trees during a team-building event, we would need to host a very big amount of events during the year to reach our goal of planting 1 trillion trees by 2050.

Team building might sound great for employees and students, and we are big fans of the concept. But applied to reforestation, this is a distraction from our focus on our core team and the local project teams. In terms of time allocation, it is 95% about managing people and 5% about planting trees. Despite the best intentions, it can be counterproductive to our mission. This is why we never push our sponsors in this direction.

We appreciate and understand the value of involving your team in your tree-planting project. And this is precisely why we offer different tools, like your company and employees' forest, and Tree -Gifts, to bring the whole team together within our platform. Not on one particular day of the year, but every day. Not as an off-work experience, but linked to your company goals.

Please understand that this is a time issue for us and many local projects. We only have a couple of years to tackle climate change, therefore, our targets are both massive in terms of volume and very time constrained.

Nonetheless, some projects may make good use of volunteers. Some projects are also structured to be able to host team-building events. And most projects are accessible for a simple and quick visit. Let's first point out that a 1-person 1-hour visit is very different from a 10-people full-day team building. A simple visit serves a good purpose in terms of ensuring the needed transparency of our activities.

Here is what we can do:

It is part of our philosophy to have projects available for visits, as we want to be as transparent as possible. But, with half a million users, we need to manage volume.

  1. First, every plantation site is visible in Google Maps for a virtual visit.

  2. If you are in the surroundings of a plantation site, you may want to stop by and visit by your own. Please be aware and responsible regarding visits to remote areas. Learn more here 

  3. For companies who want to do an official and guided visit, a volunteering activity or a team building, we request our sponsors to have planted at least 50,000 trees in the project they want to visit. We put this limitation for the reasons explained above. 

  4. We would put you in contact with the local project and it will be up to you to arrange a visit or planting day and to purchase the necessary insurance for your team. Please talk to your Forest Success Manager if you would like to know which projects are available for these options.