Tips for choosing my commitment

Our different services can provide the commitment that fits your business best.

Defining your commitment

Usually, the first thing we recommend for a company contacting us is to define their "commitment". By this, we do not mean a contractual commitment, but a moral commitment towards your customers.

To make sure we offer the best possible services for companies, and to make sure we keep improving such services, we have a policy that allows you to stop at any time (unless you prefer to sign a specific contract with us that stipulates otherwise).

Taking such a commitment toward your customers is essential. Primarily, because sustainability is synonymous with continuous involvement. Sustainability is not a trend or a one-time event. Taking an environmental commitment is also the best way to develop a steady stream of communication with your clients, employees, and partners.

Picking the right commitment

Picking the right commitment is obviously a strategic decision that only you can make. Our 15 years of experience working with +10,000 companies on their commitments enable us to provide you with some recommendations and with what we consider to be the best practices. Please don't hesitate to reach us asking for advice.

We believe a good commitment is a sustainable one. 

Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. - Wikipedia

Sustainability is not only about taking care of the environment while doing your business, it is also about the healthy long-term relationship between your business and the environment. Taking care of your business while not taking care of the environment is not sustainable, obviously, but the opposite is also true: taking care of the environment while not taking care of your business is not sustainable either.

Below, we will show you the most common commitments taken by the companies that are partnering with us. We would also like to recommend the ones we believe would allow you to achieve the highest level of sustainability. For this, we highlighted the best options for your business in bold on the list below.

Most of these services are in fact a "Plant and Offer" commitment. Not only can you plant the trees but you can also thank your users by gifting them the tree.

Linked to my products

Linked to an action / CTA

  • Plant 1 tree for every subscription to my service (see IOT (Internet Of Trees)).
  • Plant 1 tree for every registration on my website / newsletter (see IOT (Internet Of Trees)).
  • Plant 1 tree for every hashtag reposted by my followers.
  • Plant 1 tree for every review / rating left by a customer.
  • Plant 1 tree for every download of my app (see IOT (Internet Of Trees)).

Linked to my employees

Linked to my entire business