Trees make ideal gifts for those you wish to gift. Discover what is a Tree-Gift in Tree-Nation!

Thanks to Tree-Nation, you can easily plant and gift trees. Show your love by driving change and replace greeting cards or gifts with trees. Stop plastic and paper-based gifts that damage the environment. Give a gift that makes sense and will grab everyone's attention.

Every tree planted on Tree-Nation has a virtual companion, the virtual tree, that will keep you informed about the real planted tree. Each virtual tree also embeds an image and a message, besides enabling your trees to transform into very nice e-gifts.

In practice it works like this: you offer a tree and the person receives an email saying that you have offered them a tree. The email already shows the species and the location of the tree, and also a button for the person to plant the tree. This person will be redirected to our website, where then will see an image similar to the image below: 

After the person clicks on the link, the tree will be planted. This tree will appear both in your forest and in the forest of the person who received the gift.

Discover here how to offer trees.