Tree maintenance

Trees receive the required maintenance and care to help them grow healthy. Project management techniques vary for each project.

Depending on the projects and the species, there is more or less maintenance to be carried out to guarantee tree survival. We mostly focus on the first 2 years, where tree growth and survival are more challenging, and usually replant when needed. In some very low-cost projects, however, it’s more cost-effective to perform no maintenance but to systematically plant extra trees in order to guarantee a certain quantity of trees to reach adulthood. We guarantee survivability by planting above 50% of extra trees in such projects. Globally in all projects, we also maintain a 5% extra tree margin on total planting volumes.

Maintenance consists of regular visits by forestry experts to the planting sites and technical help given to the landowners. Unlike certified projects that provide a direct financial incentive on the survival of the tree (landowners are paid if the tree survives), projects without third-party certifications will base their financial incentive on the direct benefits of the planted trees. For such projects, species selection and project management are some of the most important aspects of maintenance, as most planted trees are meant to be useful and economically beneficial for landowners (either by their fruits, wood, or by-products), thus creating a natural financial incentive to take care of the trees all along their productive life. But also a good incentive to keep planting more trees!

Tree maintenance is included in the price displayed, so there are no additional costs for our sponsors.